Apply Eyeliner

    Eye liner is usually used to apply eye line cheap and very easy even for the application of beginners.When you are going to buy eye pencil only keep two things in your mind that should be creamy and very smooth to apply, because your eyes lids are very sensitive and tough little thing can cause irritation to the so be careful about it.Start of the outer part of the storks small and moving towards the inside to make line.If blink your eyes are not very wide or looks great then it is best to apply the liner on the outer edge of the center of the eye and not to take this line in most of the interior or channel toward the tear, and this will give your eyes a look narrow should be avoided so you can use this this.You lining pencil on your lower outer cover over most of the internal corner of the eye to give it a look especially attractive.

    Some people have a problem with the lining is less than that smug down so come to more of these problem, you must apply some powder eye on the line lower lashes so as to prevent abuse of this problem and reduce the lining of the creaminess and stop down.Eye melting pens are the best for the application of the line lower lashes Never use liquid or gel liner on lower lash line is used only as a pencil.
    Liner Gel: The second type of lining solution is a gel that is available in many colors and this is also creamy and very easy to implement with little practice.When want to apply this kind of eyeliner should brush with a party and he and the start of the application of short strokes external the inner side of the eyelid.
    If you want to apply the solution to the eyes of cats and then make a small triangle with the brush in the outer corner of the eyelid the most private and elongate the direction of Interior only up to the middle of eyelid.Next starting from the channel tear to the middle of the eyelid to join to the first line to give a final touch.

    Liquid eyeliner: These types of kohl is rich in moisture and is available in many colors and addition with glitter to create a shiny look. While the application of this type of kohl must practice a lot because these are the liquid and dry when he was appointed and difficult to remove, and can be removed makeup.Use your eyes this kind of kohl that contain the tips pointed rod, and this is better then brushes so as to prevent the spread of the lining away from the the line.

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